Research & Development

  • Atomic Force Microscopy-Vibrational Profiling of CNS Neoplasia

    Hearing what you cannot hear: Use of atomic force microscopy has enabled the translation-modulation of nanoscale cellular frequency to the hearing domain. Inclusion of this acoustic signature into OrbSurgical's ongoing evolution of smart toolset and probes for neuroArmPLUS, add a formidable and exciting pursuit in this direction.

  • Computer Science and Simulation Software Breakthrough

    Feeling what you cannot feel: Various in-house and acquired haptic technologies and software simulation interfaces allow for advanced surgical performance and training paradigms.

  • Developing now…

    • OrbSurgical team is advancing digital innovation and IP protection in the field of intelligent surgical device-systems.
    • neroArmPlusHD Assembly and electromechanical set-up ongoing.
    • Alberta-Innovates GrowthX Alumni OrbSurgical team steps up customer acquisition-consolidation for pilot trials in Canadian sites following regulatory processes.
  • Funding

    OrbSurgical receives funding support from NRC-IRAP towards the build of the neuroArmPLUS surgical robotic system (November 2019). The funding approved for three years, will support recruitment of talented engineers and staff, as well as contractors towards completion of the robotic system.

    The 2017 Alberta Germany Collaboration Funds (German Canadian Centre of Innovation) and linked support have allowed OrbSurgical to bring the SmartForceps technology in the market (formal announcement upcoming).

  • Molecular Neuroscience-Brain Tumour and Trauma

    Seeing what you cannot see: Years of investigation and innovation allow the ongoing molecular and genetic interrogation of brain and spine disorders, including brain tumour, trauma and neurodegenerative disease. This trans-Canada venture is well aligned to fulfill the quest towards developing ideal cell-specific contrast agents for intra-operative visualization and/or diagnostics.

  • Recognition for Innovation

    President & CEO, Founder of OrbSurgical Dr. Garnette Sutherland receives the Governor General Innovation Award 2019! View the full article here

    Dr. Garnette Sutherland receives the NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal 2015! - View the full article here

    Dr. Garnette Sutherland, the neuroArm technology and institutional partners (Canadian Space Agency, MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates, IMRIS Inc., and University of Calgary) get inducted into the Space technology Hall of Fame 2014! - View the full article here