2021 marks entry and expansion of OrbSurgical team into the digital space of future forward surgical solutions. Working with Jones Day, San Diego USA, a dominant leadership in digital innovation has been achieved:

US Appln. No.: 17/318,975.  Machine Learning-Based Surgical Instrument Characterization. Filed May 12, 2021, by Jones Day, San Diego, CA, USA/ Awarded September 2, 2021

US Appln. No.: 17/344,813. Machine Learning for Interconnected Surgical Theater Architecture. Filed June 10, 2021, by Jones Day, San Diego, CA, USA/Awarded November 15, 2021

US Appln. No.: 17/540,966. Machine Learning-Assisted Surgery. Filed December 2, 2021, by Jones Day, San Diego, CA, USA (Patent pending).

Bipolar forceps with Force Measurement (Awarded April 27, 2021)

Microsurgery-specific haptic hand controller (Patent Pending)

Anti-tau antibody and uses thereof