A Force-Sensing Surgical Bipolar Forceps


The next generation teleoperated surgical robotic system


A Microsurgery-Specific Haptic Hand-controller

We Are a Team of Surgeons, Engineers, Scientists and Business Leaders

With Calgary's emerging and rapidly proliferating entrepreneurial culture, OrbSurgical Ltd. takes an ambitious leap towards bringing advanced medical technologies to the global community through innovation, including robotics, data science and artificial intelligence.

The underlying promise remains improving patient care through increased safety of surgery.



With the approval from Health Canada for technology trials within Canada, OrbSurgical is well on its way to site the SmartForceps System in 3 Canadian neurosurgical operating rooms, and continue its march towards big data and AI in immortalizing surgeons and surgical performance. Through a secure global network of surgical data repository and AI analytics in perpetuity, the technology introduces the theme of standardized surgical care and practices.

Pathway to USA, Europe and Asia are being streamlined through appropriate regulatory steps.

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OrbSurgical Ltd. Partners with Microsoft

OrbSurgical Ltd. is proud to announce a consolidated partnership with Microsoft Corporation in March 2021! In keeping with OrbSurgical’s digital innovation, data-driven interfaces, cloud computing, and use of AI to advance the performance and training of surgery, this partnership marks a cornerstone in the company’s expanding collaboration and efforts to improve health care. Indeed, the partnership truly fosters OrbSurgical’s global strategy whereby surgeons and surgical care are connected together through a secure, unified, and regulatory compliant body such as Microsoft Corporation, helping dissolve boundaries and nurture inclusivity.

Thank you, Microsoft!  

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