Scott Fawcett, BSc, MBA.

Known entrepreneur with >25 years of experience in technology commercialization and successful team leadership, Fawcett has helped launch many new technologies globally, including their legal processes and raising capital. Expert in public company operations leadership and cross-functional global experience in finance, JVs, M&A, R&D, channel partnerships, he has a focused interest in IT product solutions, services and sales operations. Having served on various boards including Alberta Innovates Technology Futures, Panagaea Ventures and Calgary Academy, Fawcett has been advising OrbSurgical Ltd. towards expansion and maturity.

Prashant Gupta, B.Eng., Exec MBA, CMC.

Over 19 years of immersive experience in promoting and growing technology companies across the U.S.A, Canada, Middle East, and India. Gupta seamlessly transcends the complex pathway from innovation to market in the digital economy. Having spent time in the California USA business environment, he is an apt closer, negotiator and brings in a well-rounded global business perspective and applicability as a volunteer to OrbSurgical Ltd.