Research & Development

OrbSurgical R&D, focused on smart theme, continues to push boundaries towards Seeing what you cannot see; Feeling what you cannot feel; Hearing what you cannot hear – i.e. the augmented reality for robotics and linked technologies:

Molecular Neuroscience-Brain Tumour and Trauma

Seeing what you cannot see: Years of investigation and innovation allow the ongoing molecular and genetic interrogation of brain and spine disorders, including brain tumour, trauma and neurodegenerative disease. This trans-Canada venture is well aligned to fulfill the quest towards developing ideal cell-specific contrast agents for intra-operative visualization and/or diagnostics.

Computer Science and Simulation Software Breakthrough

Feeling what you cannot feel: Various in-house and acquired haptic technologies and software simulation interfaces allow for advanced surgical performance and training paradigms.

Atomic Force Microscopy-Vibrational Profiling of CNS Neoplasia

Hearing what you cannot hear: Use of atomic force microscopy has enabled the translation-modulation of nanoscale cellular frequency to the hearing domain. Inclusion of this acoustic signature into OrbSurgical's ongoing evolution of smart toolset and probes for neuroArmPLUS, add a formidable and exciting pursuit in this direction.