Our Team

Garnette Sutherland, President & CEO; A world-renowned neurosurgeon and visionary, Sutherland has introduced the dogma of disruptive innovation into the sphere of neurosurgery. Whether it is the world’s first ceiling mounted intra-operative MR imaging technology or the world’s first image-guided MR compatible robot for microsurgery and stereotaxy neuroArm, Sutherland continues to lead towards a future where robotic technology, surgery, large data, artificial intelligence and smart systems interface. Whether it is the idea of operating in space using tele-operated robotic platform, or communities serviced by robots for efficient health care delivery, Sutherland inspires and commands the OrbSurgical team with his signature brilliance and futuristic yet humble and practical outlook.



Kourosh Zareinia, Vice President & CTO; A talented Electrical and Systems engineer, Zareinia possesses the ability to plan, build and deliver complex engineering feats. With a deep understanding of control, robotics, virtual fixtures, haptics, mechanical and electrical connectome and circuit design, Zareinia is able to seamlessly merge the technological expertise and present a system that surgeons desire. Joining hands with Sutherland, Zareinia brings his engineering power to OrbSurgical, providing innovative engineering solutions for surgery and patient care. He shares the vision and goal that smart technology is the way to go to achieve a cost-effective and efficient healthy future for all.



Fang wei Yang, Executive Member-Prototype Specialist; A master craftsman with medical background, Yang provides foundational support to OrbSurgical’s R&D division. Yang has been instrumental in the initial clinical integration of neuroArm technology into the neurosurgical operating room. With years of experience in biological-microsurgical research and an extra-ordinary knack for technology development, Yang balances the nuances of tool-technologies with surgical finesse, effortlessly converting ideas and concepts to finely crafted prototypes.



Liu Shi Gan, Executive Member-Biomedical Specialist; With her skills and expertise as a biomedical engineer, Gan adds the make-it-work flair to any medical device and technologies including the smooth operation of neuroArm neurosurgical robot. Gan combines her initial industry background, with academia and beyond, ensuring the functionality of innovative robotic toolsets in a competitive environment. She interfaces expertly between the R&D nature of work and technological integration into the operating room.



Yaser Maddahi, Executive Member-Mechanical-Electrical Engineer; A natural design architect and engineer, and a master mathematician, Maddahi not only has visions for medical engineering, but also provides a numerical and analytical framework for each machinery. With an academic experience and organizational skill, Maddahi commands challenging projects, skims through large dataset and profiles to emerge with the most succinct result and its validation. He is able to design from scratch, work through multiple processes, complications and their resolutions, and still deliver on time.



Dustin Proctor, Executive Member-Molecular Technology; A neuroscientist with specialist expertise in areas of molecular and cellular biology and biochemistry, Proctor forms the biological arm at this hi-tech entrepreneurship designing and testing molecular technologies and assay platforms developed by the group. Proctor also leads the OrbSurgical’s brain tumour biology R&D ventures, developing innovative tests for early detection and disease monitoring. Proctor offers great technical knowledge and ideas to strengthen other OrbSurgical projects including cell specific contrast agent development.



Hamidreza Hoshyarmanesh, Executive Member-Mechatronics Specialist; Having joined the OrbSurgical team recently, Hoshyarmanesh combines mechanical engineering with design-manufacturing and electronics. He adds both breadth and depth to any technology or engineering question, and provides necessary viable solution. Presently building the microsurgery specific haptic-hand controller prototype, and interrogating the world of smart sensors and actuators, monitoring, control robotics, and automation, Hoshyarmanesh holds a far, optimistic and robust view on engineering solutions.



Sonny Chan, Executive Member-Computer Science; Relocated from Stanford University, CA, USA, Chan pursues for perfection in virtual reality for surgical simulation, both a challenge and charm for surgeons and scientists worldwide. Working across surgical specialties, Chan understands the nuances of recreating the intricacies of surgery through numbers and equations on to a computer program and intelligent interface. With the design and coding ability for any VR simulation platform, Chan adds the software power to OrbSurgical’s resource base.



Kent Anderson, Executive Member-Legal advisor; An experienced business lawyer and technology entrepreneur, Anderson applies his experience with high-tech projects and products, including as an executive member of the neuroArm commercialization team, to assess the commercial viability of OrbSurgical technologies in a competitive landscape. Anderson will oversee standards for quality assurance and safe-guarding intellectual property rights to the innovative technology developed by OrbSurgical.



Sanju Lama, Executive Member Secretary-Clinical Integration & Marketing; Combining her clinical and scientific strength, Lama is the clinical integration lead, facilitating and ensuring OrbSurgical’s novel technologies are seamlessly translated into the operating room. Core member in OrbSurgical’s cell specific contrast agent development, Lama oversees how this applies to newer robotic technologies as surgery shifts from organ to cellular level. In keeping with the current global view of technology, science and the future of health care, Lama syncs OrbSurgical’s directions with end-users’ needs, competitive market trends and projections.