Our Mission

We are an innovative group of people working towards advancing surgery through technological solutions. We strive to deliver state of the art precision to the vastly advancing field of neurosurgery and are dedicated to making health care technologies more interactive than ever before.


A Force-Sensing Bipolar Forceps

The OrbSurgical R&D group has developed SmartForceps, a coagulating bipolar forceps with built in haptic sensors. Bipolar forceps, a commonly used electrosurgical instruments for effective control of bleeding, when equipped with state-of-the-art force sensors, will allow the ability of measuring forces of tool-tissue interaction during surgery, like never before.



A Microsurgery Specific Haptic Hand-controllerHigh definition haptics, where it matters!

Hand-controllers form an integral part of a remotely operated (telecapable) robotic system. With OrgbSurgical’s association with space robotics (neuroArm neurosurgical robot built in collaboration with MDA) and advancing the evolving landscape of surgical robotics, a microsurgery-specific haptic hand-controller Excalibur is born.



A New Contrast Agent for Concussion & Alzheimer’s Disease

With a growing concern for concussion in youth leaving them chronically disabled, and with increasing patient population with Azheimer’s disease, there is a need for a non-invasive imaging for diagnosis and monitoring of these conditions. TauViz will provide this solution.


Comprehensive Diagnostic Tests for Meningioma

Meningioma is the most common brain tumour. There is presently no definitive chemotherapeutic agent for this tumour. OrbSurgical is now developing innovative diagnostic tests for meningioma patients based on genetic signature. These products aim towards providing personalized medical care options not currently available to this patient cohort.


Patient-specific Virtual Reality Surgical Simulation

Surgical simulation technologies stem from years of research and development on the neuroArm robotic simulation projects and our team’s continued contributions to the tried-and-true, open-source haptics and simulation framework, CHAI3D. The signature characteristic is the incorporation of medical images, enabling a surgeon to plan and practice on patient-specific anatomy, an industry first. The result is ME!, an immersive and realistic virtual environment for simulation of skull base surgeries.


A consulting service for medical technology creation

Our unique strength in medicine, science and engineering will provide ideal pathways to help channel your innovative ideas and current limitations towards viable solutions.