At OrbSurgical, we prize the value of partnership. Here are some of our partners that we’ve been working closely with to improve our technologies.


TROUT Gmbh Germany





A business enterprise with a specialized focus on information technology (IT) and systems engineering, TROUT brings in a wealth of expert know-how and years of experience in machine learning, human machine interfacing software and systems excellence through their work in areas of aerospace, automotive and medical technologies. Partnership with TROUT adds a unique IT dimension to OrbSurgical’s medical technology initiatives, through machine learning and artificial intelligence, particularly as it relates to the SmartForceps technology.


Bissinger Germany








An established German medical technology company committed to high quality products and services, within an ISO certified management system, whose surgical bipolar forceps are used worldwide, OrbSurgical has partnerd with Bissinger in the development of SmartForceps System. Bissinger is ideally suited to partner with OrbSurgical in the commercialization of SmartForceps technology creating a global reach in its clinical translation.